100% Cashback Offer Conditions

    • Cashbhack offer valid only on first order starting Rs. 500/- or above order value.
    • You must open an Account with Iba Cosmetics to enable Cashback in your E-Wallet. Click here to open an Account: SignUp
    • Cashback will be credited in your Iba e-wallet once your first order is confirmed and dispatched to you.
    • You can use your cashback wallet amount to make a purchase of anything on the Iba website. Cashback discount amount from your wallet can be redeemed to a maximum of 20% of your order value or Rs 500 whichever is lower.
    • Your cashback discount amount will be calculated on the final value of the order after the deduction of all discounts used.
    • Cashback is only a promotional discount amount and it cannot be refunded back to any bank account what so ever. It can only be used to make an additional purchase.
    • If you have any further questions, please contact us.
      Phone:+91 7226026655
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