micellar water? yes, please!

micellar water? yes, please!

Swoosh it…blush it…and then wipe it! Oh, the sweet vicious circle of makeup on and makeup off is one never-ending drama that shall go on forever in any makeup lovers' life! Isn’t it just harsh to treat your skin with all that makeup and then go on scrub-a-dub with all those removers, cleansers & creams? Nah not a good follow...
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  1. What are halal beauty products?

    What are halal beauty products?

    Ensuring purity in beauty What is Halal? Halal is the ultimate stamp of purity and safety guaranteeing superior quality products. Halal is an Arabic term meaning ‘lawful or permissible. It not only encompasses food and drink but all matters of daily life. According to Islamic law, the consumption of pork, alcohol, and blood is prohibited. Products that contain any of these...
  2. Why you need to try breathable nail colors

    Why you need to try breathable nail colors

    Did you know? Just like your skin, even your nails require exposure to oxygen and water in order to remain healthy. We all know what would happen to our body if we don’t get oxygen or water. Applying regular nail polish on your nails is pretty much like trapping and allowing them to get suffocated. Those nail enamels may look...
  3. Are your products Alcohol-Free?

    Are your products Alcohol-Free?

    A number of warnings on billboards, film slides, labels, etc. say that, “Consumption of Alcohol is injurious to health”, sadly none of them have warned saying, “Consuming Alcohol based products is also injurious to your skin”. Please read labels Alcohol is a great temporary solution but has long-lasting side effects. If you enter a cosmetic store, you are sure to find...
  4. Is Your Face Wash Sulfate-Free?

    Is Your Face Wash Sulfate-Free?

    What do you look for in a Face Wash? And what do you look for in a Laundry Detergent? Definitely that it must clean your face and your clothes, respectively. But would you pick a Laundry Detergent to wash your face or a Face Wash to wash your clothes? Well… we hope not. Although, a lot of you have been...
  5. Micellar Water - Soon to be best-seller! - Here’s why

    Micellar Water - Soon to be best-seller! - Here’s why

    According to the internet, one bottle of Micellar water is sold every three seconds around the globe! And that really isn’t hard to believe because once you start using this product, you’ll notice all the miracles it can do. Before you categorize it as “Fancy Water”, let’s have a quick introduction of this multi-purpose bottle of magic. Micellar Water is made...
  6. DIY Facial for instant glow!

    DIY Facial for instant glow!

    Want fresh and glowing skin for a special occasion, but have got no time to hit the salon? First, take a bottle of face wash, a pack of scrub, as well as a face mask and then…please put them aside. Yes, you read it right. We know your skin needs washing, scrubbing and a few minutes of extra care in...

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