February 2021

  1. Top 5 DIYs To Get Rid Of Acne Scars

    Top 5 DIYs To Get Rid Of Acne Scars

    “Scars have the strange power to remind us that our past is real.” – Tyrion Lannister Well, well! Or maybe it has this strange way of reminding you of that pimple that appeared just before the night of your best friend’s wedding or your sister’s sangeet! Totally feel you! What’s worse than a pimple is it’s scar that just won’t...
  2. Hack-You Serum!

    Hack-You Serum!

    “Hack with the serum!”…pun definitely intended! I’m sure you already know that your serum is a genie in a bottle for all your skincare worries and needs. But did you know that your serum could do so much more than those tiny drops and the dab-dab-dab? Let’s get started! Hack #1 If you’re super skin conscious and not really a...
  3. 5 Crazy Lip Balm Hacks

    5 Crazy Lip Balm Hacks

    Lip Balm! The one secret weapon you will find in every girl’s purse! Lip balms have a history of ruling every girl’s bag...from a school girl, to college and to your boss at work! It wouldn’t be wrong to say that lip balms can double up as Genies! But hold on! Did you know that your lip balm could do...
  4. Top 5 Skincare Secrets for that Bridal Glow

    Top 5 Skincare Secrets for that Bridal Glow

    “That’s enough glow!” said no bride ever! As cliché as it sounds, a bride and her pampering drama goes hand in hand. Not just this, but being a bride is super huge a deal! You’d wanna look perfect for your big day, and nothing works best than a pre planned routine that needs to begin at least two months prior...

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