Top 5 DIYs To Get Rid Of Acne Scars

Top 5 DIYs To Get Rid Of Acne Scars

“Scars have the strange power to remind us that our past is real.” – Tyrion Lannister Well, well! Or maybe it has this strange way of reminding you of that pimple that appeared just before the night of your best friend’s wedding or your sister’s sangeet! Totally feel you! What’s worse than a pimple is it’s scar that just won’t...
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  1. 5 Natural DIYs to remove Dark Circles

    5 Natural DIYs to remove Dark Circles

    Dark circles! There’s just no beginning to these nasty little devils. They come uninvited and they seem to live on forever! Agreed that they look super cute on pandas and come on they don’t really have a choice now, do they? But you have a choice...infact you have quite a few choices right in your kitchen to fight away these...
  2. Top 5 Nail Colour Shades for this summer

    Top 5 Nail Colour Shades for this summer

    Time for some summer..sass and all that jazz! Isn’t it the most wonderful time of the year? Basking in the sun..of course with a good dose of sunscreen, wearing those peppy pair of denims, going all colourful and fun! When the mood is so vibrant and fun, dressing up comes naturally and when you dress up well...you wanna look oh-so-awesome...
  3. Rose Water – The Beauty Elixir!

    Rose Water – The Beauty Elixir!

    Cleopatra swore by roses and Rose water for all her beauty needs! And oh how she glowed! So ladies why shall you stay behind? You might be a pro at homemade DIYs or might just be that seasonal “I’m gonna take care of my skin,” no matter which category you fall into, that one thing that remains common is the...
  4. Natural DIY Face Masks for that extra GLOW!

    Natural DIY Face Masks for that extra GLOW!

    Before you take that trip to your salon....let’s take a walk to your kitchen. Because we’ll help you find hidden treasures for your skin that has been there right in front of you all this while! Not kidding! You won’t believe the 4th one! Anti-ageing mask Berries are super yumm! But guess what? You share a few berries with your...
  5. 5 Foods That Boost Your Natural Collagen

    5 Foods That Boost Your Natural Collagen

    You know your mommy was right! Confused? Well, yes every time she bugged you while forcing you to eat your greens and berries while promising you with glowing cheeks and skin, she was always right! That’s right folks, you might not have realised that diet plays a vital role in your health and skin’s well-being. Glowing skin and blushing cheeks...
  6. micellar water? yes, please!

    micellar water? yes, please!

    Swoosh it…blush it…and then wipe it! Oh, the sweet vicious circle of makeup on and makeup off is one never-ending drama that shall go on forever in any makeup lovers' life! Isn’t it just harsh to treat your skin with all that makeup and then go on scrub-a-dub with all those removers, cleansers & creams? Nah not a good follow...
  7. What are halal beauty products?

    What are halal beauty products?

    Ensuring purity in beauty What is Halal? Halal is the ultimate stamp of purity and safety guaranteeing superior quality products. Halal is an Arabic term meaning ‘lawful or permissible. It not only encompasses food and drink but all matters of daily life. According to Islamic law, the consumption of pork, alcohol, and blood is prohibited. Products that contain any of these...
  8. Why you need to try breathable nail colors

    Why you need to try breathable nail colors

    Did you know? Just like your skin, even your nails require exposure to oxygen and water in order to remain healthy. We all know what would happen to our body if we don’t get oxygen or water. Applying regular nail polish on your nails is pretty much like trapping and allowing them to get suffocated. Those nail enamels may look...
  9. Are your products Alcohol-Free?

    Are your products Alcohol-Free?

    A number of warnings on billboards, film slides, labels, etc. say that, “Consumption of Alcohol is injurious to health”, sadly none of them have warned saying, “Consuming Alcohol based products is also injurious to your skin”. Please read labels Alcohol is a great temporary solution but has long-lasting side effects. If you enter a cosmetic store, you are sure to find...

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